Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Finally, some good news

I have an attorney willing to sit down and talk to me; he already knows a little about the case, did indicate there is some things to be done and said with all the information, just need to come into his office with what I've got to determine what can be done! He comes highly recommended AND first visit is consult so no charge! From there, I don't know! Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer that (a) there is something he will be able to help with and (b) he will help pro-bono (with me assisting, of course)! I am perfectly capable of typing motions and doing the research, etc.! And I will do it, I just need the guidance on what to do!

Will keep you updated on that; appointment is not for a a couple of weeks!

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chetthejet said...

Great news. I hope this works out for Thalia.