Sunday, October 19, 2008

Innocence Project Forum and update on Situation with Thalia

Well, I served on a 3 day forum with the Innocence Project just as a participant answering questions and offering my input. I have a great deal of admiration for this organization. They have undertaken quite a task and need lots of support. So please check out the website(s). The National organization, of course, the Mississippi Innocence Project and you can check on the National organization's website to see if they have an organization within your state. It truly is one of those worthwhile causes that needs lots of support! Links to the sites are on the sidebar.

With that said, I got some news yesterday that I was not happy about. The attorney I was hoping would be interested in Thalia's case isn't going to be able to help. It's a setback but it will be okay. I had to have a little down time to get through that as I was so hopeful with this. But, I continue to trust that something is going to come through and we continue to pray for guidance. I know that we don't have a lot of followers yet on this site but hopefully that will pick up soon!

Thalia was in pretty good spirits when I spoke with her today (I haven't told her yet about the e-mail from the attorney). She is truly spiritual and I know that is something she is praying for so I am believing that God will hear her and the attorney will contact me indicating he has changed his mind. One can hope, right?

Things should continue to get interesting from here! She is still trying to see the chaplain regarding the issue with her children and staff continues to put her off. I see that as a violation of her rights; there is so much going on with her kids, she needs that guidance. I can hear it in her voice when I talk to her! Hopefully, I will be able to add more to her story (also linked on the sidebar) this week while I'm working. I know I want to get it all out there so anyone who wants to see the TRUTH will have access to it! Stay tuned!

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chetthejet said...

I finally found some time to visit your site. They say: "Fighting crime is a full-time job." I say: "Fighting an inadequate and/or corrupted 'in-justice' system takes a double-shift."

Anyway, this seems to be a new site. No doubt about its purpose.

I've looked over the posts and I'll bet this is quite a frustrating situation. Then we say: "Then how frustrating it must be to Thalia."

Often I can't help but think how senseless it is for so many people to have to create entire blogs and sites to contend with the people we've put into power and entrusted to do the right thing.

Will visit and comment when I can. Keep up the good work.