Friday, October 31, 2008


Appointment to meet with the attorney is next week. Please keep this in your thoughts and prayers as we prepare to talk with him!

I didn't get to see Thalia Sunday due to a death in the family but a friend did go and see her. She is doing well and I talk with her almost daily. The issue with the children is about to be resolved hopefully over the weekend or first of next week anyway!

One thing I do have to report is I made a call to the local police department to follow up on the request for those police reports. Those should be a matter of public record but I'm told they've been pulled and are waiting on a subpoena. So, what is the big deal here? Why will they not release these reports? I have her POA and I did leave a copy of it with the PD. These reports are supposed to be a matter of public record; it just doesn't make sense except that someone must have something to hide! Anybody have an opinion on this?

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