Saturday, October 9, 2010

Free the Scott Sisters

Please continue to contact the Governor and the Parole Board to support the Scott Sisters request for a pardon. Jamie and Gladys Scott were convicted of armed robbery and sentenced to double life sentences each for armed robbery of less than $11.

Jamie is in renal failure and requires dialysis 3 times a week. The dialysis machine stays broken and she misses dialysis a great deal. Please don't let this woman, who by accounts of those who were involved with this armed robbery, had nothing to do with it, die in this prison. Don't allow her sister to stay incarcerated either. There are too many innocent people in prison and we need to help those we can.

You can help. Send an e-mail or write Haley Barbour at the following addresses:

Governor Haley Barbour
P.O. Box 139
Jackson, Mississippi 39205
1-877-405-0733 or 601-359-3150
Fax: 601-359-3741
(If you reach VM leave msgs, faxes, and please send letters)

Dorothy Kuykendall
Personal Assistant to Gov. Barbour
(601) 359-3150
P. O Box 3150
Jackson, MS 39205

You can get more information about this case by joining the Scott sisters blog here.

Thank you for your help with this injustice; there are many more and I will be blogging about those as well in the near future!