Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Mississippi Project

I am so excited about this recent development and I've been really working hard to get this going. There is an organization called The Mississippi Project that profiles cases of individuals in the State of Mississippi who are wrongfully incarcerated and/or innocent and they've agreed to publish a link and host the site for Thalia's story. This is AWESOME news and I'm truly excited about it! I am going to publish a link to the site in the side bar as well as here in this post. The link is: The Mississippi Project - Thalia's Story.

Please check the site for updates and to post your messages to Thalia. I hope we will have the comments page up and going for her soon! Also, take some time to read the other cases profiled at this site. This problem in Mississippi is unbelievable!

I will be updating on this site as usual but I have to say that this has kept me really busy for the last few weeks; things are happening in her case that are very exciting. Please keep praying; God knows the need! He hears all the prayers and He is answering them! Thank you to each one of you who follows and posts and I promise to keep things updated!