Monday, October 20, 2008

Innocent on Oprah

Wow, I am watching Oprah today; the quotes from the Private Investigator who helped this man "the DA's office will not admit a mistake or even look at it" says it all! The sad thing is one has to wonder how many more "Marty's" are there? I know that my friends situation is a little bit different in that there was no confession but there was/is a huge cover up. The "officials" don't want to let the truth out!

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chetthejet said...

You've hit upon one of the main roadblocks to obtaining an exoneration: the resistance of authorities to admit those mistakes, which, to me, are often more a malicious act than a mistake, because mistake implies "accidental." This is why in most instances where someone is pleading their wrongful conviction (accusation, whatnot), I usually suggest taking extended looks at the history of those involved in the wrongful undoing, if you will. Keep an eye on em, I say, because if nothing is there to use as evidence already, then there might be in the future. As a proof of that longshot, refer back to the Oprah show, that Kovacs woman. Whether it is Thalia or anyone else, it never hurts to keep tabs on the current and future exploits of those involved. Things can come later to the wrongfully convicted person's benefit, but it takes observers to, well, observe. (Not stalk, BTW.) Just observe the hell outta whomever, if you get my meaning.