Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tucker Carrington, MS Innocence Project, Governor Barbour and the Mississippi Judicial System

Well, here I am again! I spoke with the Governor's office and they continue to tell me that the Governor will not meet with me on this issue. Again, I ask, isn't the Governor the one who has the authority to grant pardons, paroles, etc? Isn't that what he did a few weeks ago when he paroled Michael Graham? Yet I can't get a meeting with him to discuss information I have regarding what appears to be a "cover up" from the good 'ole boys in North Mississippi. I continue to read about people getting exonerated after serving years in prison because there was evidence "covered" up by the local government during the trial period and what kind of compensation are we (the State, the tax payers) giving these citizens for all intents and purposes taking away from them something they can NEVER get back. As far as I can tell, in Mississippi, there is no type of compensation. Number 1, no amount of money in the world will ever be able to give back to these people what has been taken from them. And number 2, why aren't we prosecuting some of these folks who have deliberately withheld evidence "just to get a conviction"?

Thalia applied in November of last year to the Mississippi Innocence Project for her case to be reviewed and I did get confirmation that it has been received. I got another e-mail today advising me that they do have the application and it will be looked at in the order that it was received. Hey, I understand that. But come on, give me a time frame! Are we talking months, years, decades? I know for some people it has taken years but somebody at least tell me they are working on it. And still, as a tax paying citizen of this state, I am supposed to accept that my Governor will not meet with me to discuss a very important issue. Mississippi has got some serious problems and sooner or later that is going to come out and it's going to be so ugly!

I know that I mentioned Tucker Carrington in the title; let me just say that I have spoken with Mr. Carrington on the phone and he seems to be a very nice man trying to do something good for this state. I admire him and the others who have gone to such great efforts to get the Innocence Project started in Mississippi!

Monday I mailed about 30 letters out requesting assistance from attorneys. Some have responded; mostly with "don't do pro-bono work"; one who says they won't even look at it unless I pay them $1,000.00. And then one organization that I spoke with today, once again, tells me I need "new" evidence for anything to be done. Well, you know, let's talk about that for a second. I get a response today from an attorney who tells me he will take $1,000.00 to look at it and tell me what, if anything, can be done and then I get another organization who is straight up and tells me pretty much that nothing can be done without new evidence. Now, who do you think is honest here?

One of the attorney's I contacted is Robert McDuff. He seems to be a very good attorney and very well known for his civil rights stance. I am so hopeful that he will see something here and find it in his heart to take this case! Please keep your fingers crossed. As always I have been e-mailing and writing and calling people almost every day; but I am still in the same place. I am still waiting to see the Governor and still praying for legal assistance. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on all this!

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chetthejet said...

As far as I know, there is no compensation law in Mississippi.