Sunday, September 28, 2008

Is there hope?

Well, since last post there have been some things going on with the kids that required immediate attention so I've not been able to do a whole lot; but I have done some. I am so thankful that Robert McDuff has taken the time to correspond with me via e-mail. Though at this time he's not in a position to take on this case he is offering me some help and for that I am eternally grateful!

I am still battling to see the Governor; you know his name, Haley Barbour. It absolutely amazes me that his staff tells me he won't meet with me about this but just today in the newspaper is an article addressing this very subject (direct quote: "Mississippi governors have the authority to pardon, commute or suspend sentences", see the link above this post). Some of our local house/senate members have proposed a bill that they are hoping to get passed in January that will limit the Governor's ability to exercise that authority without going through certain steps.

Oh and let me just go ahead and throw this out there for you! It's my understanding that in Mississippi, female inmates aren't given the same opportunity to work at the Governor's mansion because the State doesn't have the ability to house the male and the female inmates at the mansion and keep them separate. Therefore, females aren't given the same opportunity that males are given. I don't know about you but that sounds like a classic case of discrimination to me! Would be interested to know your thoughts on that particular subject! I think I will post that as my next poll!

I think we have a lead on a couple of people we are trying to track down. Not at liberty at this time to reveal who those people are but I can say that it will prove to be very interesting reading when I can update that. Stay tuned for that information, hopefully in the next week or two. Also, there is a road trip planned that will prove to be interesting; wonder how many laws the local government is going to break that day? Yep, I will keep you updated on that! As always, thank you for reading and please comment; show your support; show your non-support; but just show something. We've got to take a stand, one side of the fence of the other; straddling isn't working and to many people have paid a high price for us to sit back any longer and allow these horrendous things to happen!

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