Monday, March 7, 2011

Graduation at CMCF

I attended a graduation Friday at CMCF and must admit I was pleasantly surprised. The staff was very friendly. The atmosphere was completely different than on visitation days. I'm grateful that MDOC gives this opportunity to the individuals who have chosen to further their education under these circumstances. We all know that continuing education can be hard anywhere but to do so in a prison where the noise would be overwhelming when trying to study is truly an accomplishment. I am very proud of all the graduates.


Anonymous said...

Although I fully support the opportunity for inmates to further their education while incarcerated I must say that if you felt that the CMCF establishment was a nice place to be then you must be blind or they hid you from the truth. On days that it rains the bunker floors become covered in ankle deep water with leeches, yes leeches crawling at the inmate's feet. Does CMCF attempt to correct this discusting problem? No, they simply let the water stay until it finally recedes, numberous inmates become seriously ill with various sicknesses and even diseases from this occurance, yet nothing is done. They health care for the inmates is far below sub par and many suffer for long periods of time. As far as their food, they are served various foods that even on the outside of the box in large letters states that it is "Not For Human Consumption". I have seen how the inmates are treated and cared for, and many of the inmates serving time in CMCF are innocent, including one of my own family. Mississippi justice system is far from being truly justifiable, and the tax dollars sent to their facilities, are obviously not used to care for the inmates and the establishments the way that we (the public) are told that they are.

Sondra said...

I don't believe my comment was indicative of the establishment being a "nice place to be". In fact, I'm certain it's not and I'm well aware of the many probelms within the facility and the DOC as a whole. Which is why my comment says "I was pleasantly surprised". However, as I am one of the few that does fuss about all the things that are wrong and being done wrong, when I experience something being done that is correct and positive then I need to express that as well.