Sunday, October 25, 2009

Okay, so I've been away a while!

I know I've got to do better about keeping things up to date here. We've actually gotten a Facebook page started for Thalia and I will be posting this link there as well. The ultimate goal, obviously, is to bring awareness to wrongful convictions in this country while freeing those who are serving time for crimes they aren't guilty of. Again, this is my blog; I don't do very well in updating it because frankly there's so much going on but I do try. I'm hoping I've found some tools that will help me keep things updated here and on the Facebook page as well. We'll see.

I will continue to report the total craziness inside MDOC and CMCF on this site. Stay tuned for more on that!


Doug Todd said...

Sondra -- I am so glad you are back! I tried to sign up to "Follow" your blog but am not hooked up with any of the systems they list. My home email is and I would like to sing up using that.

I also noticed that you have a link to Thalia's page at The Mississippi Justice project but that site is password protected so you might want a link to our INDEX at

Keep up the good work!

Doug Todd said...

OKAY -- I solved the sign-in problem! (You gained a follower!)

Doug Todd said...

Both links for Gladys and Jamie appear to be dead --