Thursday, November 6, 2008

Update on Attorney visit

Well, things went well! Attorney says he can help and there are things she can do; just one hurdle to overcome; retainer fee! If anyone has any suggestions, I am open! I have a few ideas and things going on in my mind but can always use help. He is "appalled" that this has happened and I only shared with him a little bit of the information that has happened. But again, he says that this can be done; it's going to take time, money and commitment! He asked me and the other person helping me for our commitment to be there and involved every step of the way which we both assured him we would be. So, we are still back at the retainer! Prayer, prayer, prayer! Thanks for the encouragement AND please keep this on your heart and mind!

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chetthejet said...

Glad to hear you have someone who is willing to help legally. Cost is always an issue, should anyone be lucky enough to finally find someone to help. You've made some progress, and we all know how long you sometimes have to work to get that far.